Night Safari In A Private Game Reserve

Night Safari

Departing mid afternoon to a camp in a Private Game Reserve where you will be welcomed by high tea. As the heat of the day cools, the game drive commences in an open game drive vehicle. Trackers sit up at the front of the vehicle looking for fresh animal tracks, while rangers drive with astonishing skill in pursuit of elusive animals, simultaneously wowing guests with their outstanding knowledge and unforgettable stories.

As the sun dips behind the horizon, colours soften and new scents fill the air. The Ranger will choose a spot where you can stretch your legs and enjoy sundowners alongside the vehicle while watching the sun set. During this transition, the nocturnal hunters start stirring.  There are numerous nocturnal hunters and on your evening safari, with the help of a spotlight we unveil the natural wonders previously hidden by darkness.

One can come across elephants moving heavily but silently in the moonlight; the incredible flying leaps of bushbabies from treetop to treetop, and the red shine from a lion’s eyes as it looks up from its kill. The game drive continues well into the evening until dinner is served under African skies with the sounds of crackling camp fire close by. (weather permitting). A truly memorable experience.

Summer                                                        Winter

Sabi Sabi : 14h45 – 22h30                     14h00 – 21h30

Kapama : 15h00 – 22h30                      14h00 – 21h30