Elephant Interaction

Elephant Safaris 1  

Elephant Interaction – 1 hr

Experience the thrill of being close to these magnificent creatures and witness their intelligence, their compassionate nature and sheer delight interacting with their human counterparts.

The interaction with the elephant offers you the opportunity to touch the elephant, exchange trunk greetings and offer tasty treats. Experienced elephant handlers share their in-depth knowledge of fascinating elephant behaviour.

Time : 09h00 / 12h00 / 16h00 

Elephant Interaction and Ride – 1hr 30min

In addition to interacting with the elephants as outlined above, embark on a short ride.  Saddle-up and enjoy a different perspective, historically a privilege only reserved for kings.

Times : 09h00 / 12h00 /16h00

Early Morning Wake Up, Interaction and Elephant Back Ride

Elephant Safaris 2Meet at sunrise at the elephant stables to wake the sleepy souls and prepare them for the day. Help brush down the elephant and watch their morning exercises. Warm refreshments and a snack will prepare you for a typical elephant ramble; meandering down shady paths, enjoying regular stops for elephant breakfast feasting. When your legs need a rest, relax atop one of the elephant and experience the unique relationship the Elephant Handlers enjoy with the elephant.

Time : 06h30

Sunset Interaction, Ride and Sundowners – 1hrs 45min

In the late afternoon, with a comfortable stable in mind and a good meal waiting, the elephant delight in heading for home. Enjoy this afternoon amble with the elephant; walk with them, or saddle-up and enjoy the view from high above the trees. Become a welcome and privileged member of the Elephant group while they peacefully carry out their evening routine. Complete a magical experience with a sundowner drink and snack while listening to the sounds of the elephant settling to sleep.

Time: 16h00

The Big 6 Ultimate Elephant Experience – 2 hrs

On arrival your hosts, the elephant, extend a warm welcome to you!  Experience the pleasure of interacting with these amazing creatures and learn about their important role as wildlife ambassadors for the African elephant. Saddle-up and set off into the African bush on the back of the elephant, for a wonderful view of our surroundings.  During the ride you are able to stop at any time, to experience walking with the elephant too.  This allows you to get great photographs of the elephant in the bush and interacting with their handlers.

The privilege of dining with these large mammals will become a reality, as a sumptuous picnic is spread out before you. Enjoy a glass of sparkling wine and your delicious meal in a peaceful setting, While the elephant whisper their secrets to the breeze in the trees around you.

Time: 12h00