Shangaan Cultural Village 

During the day, tours are led by trained guides along a winding path through the bush and past fields where crops are grown.

After gaining permission, guests enter a living village where they meet the resident Shangaan family and learn aspects of history, customs and traditions. Guests are encouraged to interact and really experience the way of life. The tour then proceeds to the mystical kraal of the sangoma (traditional healer) to learn about traditional medicines, before returning to the Marula Market for local craft & curios.

Day time tours:  09h00 – 16h00                                          

Midday tours with traditional Lunch and tours with Lunch & Dance also available 

Shangaan Evening Festival

This magnificent show with a cast of some choir members, actors and dancers tells the story of the Shangaan nation. As the sun sets over the mountains the beating of drums grows louder as warriors guide guests into the great Kraal of Chief Soshangana, a circle of royal huts lit by flames. The show is mesmerizing – colourful, varied, moving and entertaining.

At interval, the chief’s wives serve a traditional feast, including crocodile strips in a spicy peanut sauce, mopane worms, baked butternut, fire-grilled corn wheels and an array of other Shangaan dishes.

Time : 16h30 – 21h00